When Buying Used Parts Online…FYI

How To Buy Used Car Parts Online

There are junkyards in your area, and not all are equal! I deal with over 6000 nationwide. When shipping used car parts from professional junkyard, the year, make and model are just the beginning! I would need a VIN code( 17 characters) which would be found on your automobile insurance website, or your registration, as well as on the vehicle itself, in the lower corner of the windshield in front of the driver. From there, if you have a mechanic working with you, I would like to speak with him as well to ensure accuracy and professionalism. Part numbers can be matched up from a donor used parts car VIN code. Since I have been serving folks here for over sixteen years, I feel its a personal service that gives people the added security of dealing with junkyards that are already “preferred” vendors, and I have a working relationship with. Additionally, I want to know has my part been tested, what sort of wear is evident, where pictures are very important in assisting in determining part accuracy, as well as quality, in combination with the junkyard telling us their own opinion, professionally.

Its this type of attention to details that matter most, and here at FindAPartNow.com you get great customer service and amazing choices from over 6000 used automotive parts houses have in stock from all 50 states! Now shipping, worldwide (case by case basis only) Please call me for details.